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5 ft. Ultomato Garden Stakes (3-Pack)

5 ft. Ultomato Garden Stakes (3-Pack)

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Designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables . Continuous support throughout the plant's growth . Strong steel core stakes . Tough, thick plastic coating . Convenient to store . Can be used for many growing seasons

They start out small and innocent-enough looking, but tomato plants can become large and unruly without a little guidance and direction. Give happy, healthy tomato plants the support they need - throughout the life of the plants - with this three pack of Ultomato tomato plant cages by Gardener's Blue Ribbon. Each Ultomato system features three 5 ft. sturdy stakes made of durable steel for reliable strength. Unlike the silver color of traditional metal cages, however, the stakes feature a thick, heavy-duty plastic coating in lovely green, which allows them to blend in beautifully with surrounding plants and decor. In addition to the three stakes, each innovative Ultomato system provides nine arms (in matching green) that easily snap securely onto the stakes to complete the framework of the cage. Place them at equal heights for a three-tiered effect or stagger them for more of a spiral-staircase style. Not only do the arms allow you to place them right where you want, but you don't have to worry about them coming apart like with old standard metal cages. Placement of the arms can be fine-tuned as the plant grows, as well. Add more over time or move a bottom arm further up as needed.

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