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Designer Weekly Segment Timer

Designer Weekly Segment Timer

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  • $ 844

Allows users to control power to lamps and appliances . UL listed . Accommodates up to 48 on/off settings per week in 2-hour increments . Accepts 3-prong plugs for heavy-duty appliances . Decorative white cover hides the timer control when not in use to better blend in with surrounding decor . Includes a manual override switch . 8 Amp, 125-volt AC, 1,000-watt Tungsten / 15 Amp, 1,875-watt Resistive

The Westek Designer Weekly Segment Timer lets you apply multiple control settings to lamps and appliances, accommodating up to 48 settings in 2-hour increments. This timer allows you to adjust for varying usage patterns on different days of the week if desired, saving energy. The timer is simple to program, so you can conveniently adjust for multiple settings as needed.

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