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Designer White Indoor Daily Segment Timer

Designer White Indoor Daily Segment Timer

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  • $ 1147

Automate your lighting and appliance schedules to save money and conserve energy . UL listed . Allows up 96 settings per day (48 on and 48 off) in 15 minute increments . Manual override switch for immediate operation . Decorative cover hides the timer control when not in use to help it blend in with room decor . Accepts 3-prong grounded plugs for heavy-duty appliances . 8 amp, 125 VAC, 1,000-watt Tungsten / 15 amp, 1,875-watt Resistive

Enable your lights and appliances to come on or turn off on a schedule while you're out of the house with the Westek Designer White Indoor Daily Segment Timer. This timer provides up to 48 on/off settings in 15 minute increments for a wide range of control options. The built-in 3-prong grounded outlet accommodates an array of electrical devices.

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