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Tankless Water Heater Kit with 3/4 in. IPS Service Valves, 18 in. Gas Connector (290,900 BTU) and PR Valve

Tankless Water Heater Kit with 3/4 in. IPS Service Valves, 18 in. Gas Connector (290,900 BTU) and PR Valve

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Includes 3/4 in. IPS x 3/4 in. IPS tankless service valve . Integrated drain valve (3/4 in. male hose thread) and pressure-relief port (3/4 in. FIP) reduces the number of components and connections required to install the appliance, reduces time and cost of the installation . Right-sized, front-aligned handles remain accessible for future maintenance - even in recessed or cover boxes . Includes 3/4 in. I.D. (7/8 in. O.D.) x 18 in. corrugated stainless steel gas connector with corrosion resistant coating . Steel gas fittings included: 3/4 in. FIP and 3/4 in. MIP (tapped 1/2 in. FIP) . Use with natural and LP (propane) gases . Includes 200 K BTU/hour pressure relief valve with 3/4 in. MIP connection to service valve and 3/4 in. FIP connection to drain pipe . Gas connector 100% leak tested and approved for indoor and outdoor use . Gas connector and PR valve CSA certified . Service valve IAPMO and IGC certified . No-lead certified

BrassCraft's Coated Corrugated Steel Tankless Installation Kit contains everything you need to connect most tankless water heaters to your gas and water supply. Tankless Service Valve features a captive nut and washer to eliminate the potential for component loss during installation. Additionally, the captive washer won’t kink or misalign during installation. The new compact, slim-fit valve design is a perfect fit for a variety of installations – recessed or cover boxes. Integrated drain valve allows instant water flow control and hassle-free maintenance of your tankless appliance. BrassCraft’s ProCoat stainless steel gas connector is engineered with added safety in mind. The proprietary polymer coating is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household chemicals, UV rays and salt. ProCoat is applied to the corrugated stainless steel connector using advanced powder-coat technology. The coating is applied only after the connector has been 100% leak tested, prior to nut and fitting assembly. This process results in the most complete corrosion resistance available.

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