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Trailer Wheel Stop Set

Trailer Wheel Stop Set

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  • $ 1697

Wheel stops measure: 7-7/8 x 5-29/32 x 5-1/8 in. . Prevents trailer from moving or denting the driveway . For added security when changing a tire or parking on uneven terrain . Lightweight and durable

Have more confidence that your trailer won’t move and sway in the wind when you use the Sportsman Series Trailer Wheel Stop Set. Place a wheel stop under each wheel to keep your trailer holding your boat, car, RV or SUV securely in place. Use this set when your trailer is parked in an area where kids are playing, like a driveway, or on uneven terrain like a campsite. The lightweight and durable 2-Piece Wheel Stop set provides superior traction so your tires won’t slip and slide. Each Wheel Stop measures 7-7/8 in. wide, giving your truck tires a large base to sit upon. The Trailer Jack Wheel Stop is constructed of durable UV protected high-density polyethylene so it can handle the cold, heat, and rain season after season. The circular design lifts the wheel off the pavement and distributes the weight more evenly, preventing dents from forming in soft asphalt.

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