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1000 lb. Trailer Jack with Wheel

1000 lb. Trailer Jack with Wheel

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  • $ 2574

360° swivel wheel, swing-back style . Adjustable height, up to 26 in. tongue height . Folds to side when not in use . Allows the user to easily connect trailers or other heavy equipment with a hitch . Fits up to a 3 in. x 5 in. frame

The Sportsman 1000 lb. Trailer Jack will take the work out of hitching up and parking. With this handy item, hitching up can be completed in 4 easy steps. First, roll the trailer to position the hitch, crank counter clock-wise to lower trailer into position, lower trailer onto the hitch until the trailer locks onto the ball of the hitch, and then unlock the trailer jack and raise into the out-of-the-way position. All of the necessary hardware is included.

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