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Q-Line 20 Amp Single-Pole Dual Function Arc Fault/GFCI Breaker

Q-Line 20 Amp Single-Pole Dual Function Arc Fault/GFCI Breaker

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  • $ 4500

GE DFCI has important features for assisting you or your electrician in troubleshooting a trip, should the DFCI trip, the yellow LED will blink to indicate the last known trip condition . Indicates the last known trip condition by illuminating LED appearing for 5 seconds each time the DFCI is turned on for up to 30 days . Unit’s last known trip condition can be cleared by performing a series of functions provided in the instructions . DFCI has a self-test feature that meets a June 2015 requirement from UL on all ground fault circuit breakers

The 2014 NEC has mandated Ground Fault and Arc Fault circuit protection on many 15 Amp and 20 Amp kitchen and laundry circuits. General Electric offers both Ground Fault and Combination Arc Fault (GFCI and CAFCI) protection in a simple to apply and cost effective solution. GFCI protection guards against ground fault as an effective means of preventing electrical shocks. GFCI circuit breakers accomplish this by detecting when current is "leaking" somewhere outside its intended path. If your body provides path to ground for this "leakage" you could be burned, shocked or even electrocuted. CAFCI protection guards against damage or fires which can result from arcing and sparking that can arise from deteriorated wires, poor connections and breaches in wire insulation. With more than 67,000 home fires claiming more than 485 lives and injuring 2,300 victims annually, the added safety provided by CAFCI protection is an important step forward in reducing this risk.

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