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Adds Video Display of Temperature to any CCTV Camera and Triggers Your DVR's E-mail Alert

Adds Video Display of Temperature to any CCTV Camera and Triggers Your DVR's E-mail Alert

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Inserts between any camera and DVR channel to add temperature display to the video . Alarm output activates when the monitored temperature is below or above your settings, and can trigger the alarm input and e-mail function of your DVR . Menus: high temp value, low temp value, deg C / deg F, alarm output NC/NO, move temp display on screen, screen saver mode (display moves on screen arbitrarily), and calibration mode (adjusts for extending the temperature probe wiring if needed) . Monitor your home, vacation home, office, or special equipment at your business . Easily connects between any CCTV camera and DVR, VCR, monitor, or TV with a video input (RCA or BNC) . Includes: BNC-to-BNC patch cable, 6 ft. temperature probe assembly, 12 VDC power supply, owner’s manual CD, and mounting hardware . High Quality Protection Plan:

The TEMPAL Video-Temperature Alert adds the temperature of a monitored area to the video of a CCTV camera. When used with a newer model DVR (like the Security Labs SLD255, SLD256, or any SLD280 series DVR) you can see the current temperature of your home, vacation home, office, or specific equipment at your business from a PC or Smartphone. Walk in refrigerators and freezers can also be monitored with the included temperature probe. The area where the temperature is being monitored does not have to be associated with what the camera is viewing, in effect, adding another channel to your DVR system. No need to wait for an alarm, you can see what the current temperature is whenever you wish. A typical installation is to place the unit between a camera and a channel input on an internet ready DVR. The TEMPAL can be located near the camera, or close to the DVR. A temperature sensor at the end of a 6’ cable is included and normally installed in the room, refrigerator, freezer, or area that falls within the operational range of the included probe (0 degrees F 180 degrees F). The length of temperature probe can be extended to reach areas further away from the unit, or cut shorter if desired. The calibration mode allows you fine tune temperature probe extensions or match the readings of other temperature monitoring equipment in use. The three switches on the front panel guide you through the on-screen menus and settings.

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