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50-Ton Shop Press

50-Ton Shop Press

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  • $ 2,10243

Adjustable lower bolster plus a self-locking winch . Side-to-side cylinder ram adjustment combines speed and precision . Working range: 0 in. to 39-3/8 in. . Heavy-duty construction with adjustable platform and safety guard

Professional hydraulic/pneumatic heavy-duty H-Frame design incorporates the strength and perfection needed for straightening, stamping, bending and pressing any component that is hard to handle. Polished pneumatic aluminum air pump with polyurethane double seal set up. Polished inner cylinder walls extend the life of the hydraulic seals to minimize abrasion and wear, while the cylinder ram and pistons are also polished and chromed guided by high performance seals, wear rings and dust seals. The hydraulic cylinder assembly is moveable and equipped with a locking gear, great for hard to maneuver parts.

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