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Natural Jute Twine

Natural Jute Twine

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  • $ 438

200 ft. of twine . Secure your plants, packages and bundles . Soft twine limits damage to plants . Easy to cut . Natural color - no dyes

Gardener's Blue Ribbon Natural Jute Twine comes in a 200 ft. roll. The soft twine won't cut or damage plants - just tie you stems with multiple loops and you're set for the season. This roll of Natural Jute Twine from Gardener's Blue Ribbon is easy to use. Just pull the length you need off the roll, cut and tuck the end inside. The small roll is ideal for storing in your garden trolley or even in your pocket. Your 200 ft. roll of Natural Jute Twine isn't just a garden helper. Use it at work, at home and in the garage too. Use it to tie up sticks, bind newspapers for recycling or to hang items in the garage.

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