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800 ft. Soft Garden Twine

800 ft. Soft Garden Twine

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  • $ 628

800 ft. roll of green jute twine . A must-have item for every home . Secure plants, packages and bundles . Easy to cut . Green to camouflage it in vegetation

Though manufactured for use in the garden, Gardener’s Blue Ribbon 800 ft. spool of Soft Garden Twine has “a million” uses indoors and out. Use it to tie plants to support stakes, bind pruning debris or securing a bundle of newspapers for recycling. The natural jute twine, dyed green, will be perfectly concealed in most foliage. It’s soft and non-abrasive to keep it from cutting into plants. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon products are designed to help every gardener - from the novice to the expert - make their growing season a success.

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