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Paper Sturdy Tree Wrap

Paper Sturdy Tree Wrap

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  • $ 299

20 ft. long x 3.88 in. wide . Protects young tree bark . Protects thin-bark trees . Stretching paper allows tree to grow . Breathable to allow plant respiration . Wrap battles sunscald and frost crack damage . Biodegradable

Provide some extra protection to your young and thin-barked trees with Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Sturdy Tree Wrap. This paper wrap can fight sunscald, frost crack and other bark hazards, including mower strikes. This 20 ft. roll is made of breathable, stretchable paper to allow normal growth. The light tan color reflects sunlight, which keeps trees from warming up and causing cell damage. Wrap your tree to the desired height, then tear off the Sturdy Tree Wrap and tuck or tape to secure.

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