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Sturdy Root Guard

Sturdy Root Guard

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  • $ 391

Protects your tree’s roots and bark . No more damage from lawn mower, weed trimmer strikes . Guard unwraps as tree grows . Ventilated to permit respiration . Weatherproof and durable 1/16 in. plastic . Expands with trees up to 12 in. circumference

Use Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Sturdy Root Guard to protect young trees from mower and weed trimmer damage. Accidental strikes during landscaping work won’t damage the plastic guard or the tree behind it. To install the Sturdy Root Guard, bury a little more than half of the guard around the base of a new tree. Allow the guard to coil loosely around the tree when you do. As the tree grows, the guard opens. The guard permits tree respiration and won’t hinder growth, all while protecting the tree’s base.

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