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164 ft. Sturdy Plastic Twist Roll with Cutter

164 ft. Sturdy Plastic Twist Roll with Cutter

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164 ft. spool of wire twist . Tie for your vegetables, shrubs and flowers . Continuous roll of flexible, plastic coated wire . Cutter built into the spool . Trim to the length you need

The Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Sturdy Plastic Twist with Cutter is a multi-use plant tie that includes a built-in wire cutter. The continuous roll of strong and flexible plastic-coated wire, which measures 164 ft., is the perfect garden helper. Use it to tie plants, shrubs and bushes in the garden. The Sturdy Plastic Twist also is a great item to include in your home and garden supply cabinet. To cut the Sturdy Twist to your desired length, pull the wire from the center of the spool, slide the line through the metal shearing area and press the cutter against the wire. The cutter will split the wire with a slight popping sound. The spool also includes a hole to hang it on a nail in your shed. Use the sturdy twists to: bind power cords together, pair shoes and other items together for a yard sale, tie up garbage bags, secure small items in luggage, group clothes hangers for easy storage and bundle newspapers and plastics for recycling.

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