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Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter

Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter

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  • $ 1297

Improves efficiency of the humidifier . Has extended filter life with help of the reinforced outer layer . Traps mineral deposits from the water . Sunbeam humidifier replacement wick filter fits holms: HM729G, HM630 and HM7204 and Bionaire: BCM7205, BCM7306, BCM7207, BCM646 and BCM6010 . Sunbeam Humidifier Replacement Wick Filter works with Bionaire Humidifiers including item numbers BCM645, 646, 646BF, 6010RC, 6610RC, 7204, 7205, 7207, 7305, 7306 and 5520RC

The Sunbeam cool mist Filters improve the efficiency of your cool mist Humidifier. It is enhanced with arm and hammer baking soda that naturally deodorizes the air by absorbing and eliminating odors that come from garbage, bathrooms, pet liter boxes, smoke and cooking. It also contains antimicrobial protection which is infused to the filter to help prevent growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors or adversely affect performance. Water is passed through a filter to ensure clean fresh mist is dispersed into the air for a healthier environment.

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