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400-Watt Sine Wave Inverter with UL, CSA

400-Watt Sine Wave Inverter with UL, CSA

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  • $ 16018

A compact 400-watt inverter that easily converts 12-volt (vehicle) power to 120-volt (household) power . True sine wave output is superior for running motor loads, battery chargers, and sensitive electronics . GFCI AC receptacle for connecting multiple loads . Includes 5-volt USB port and GFCI AC receptacle . Etlus certified . High Quality Protection Plan:

The KISAE 400-Watt true sine wave power inverter converts 12-Volt battery power into true sine wave AC household power in your truck, boat or RV. This unit allows you to run loads up to 400-Watt. Electronic equipment and circuitry are designed to operate with a true sine wave, so some loads will perform better when connected to true sine wave. Ideal inverter to operate televisions, computer, and audio equipment.

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