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SubDude-HT Acoustic Subwoofer Pad

SubDude-HT Acoustic Subwoofer Pad

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Improves the sound of your subwoofer . Decouples your subwoofer from the floor . Reduces coloration and muddy resonance . Improves your sub’s clarity and extends its received low-frequency response . Diminishes structural vibrations for less resonance . Reduces sound transmission to neighboring spaces

The SubDude-HT’s expanded size accommodates popular, larger-footprint home theater subwoofers. The design, based on an Auralex patent, features a functionally inert 3/4 in., velour-covered, MDF platform supported by a 1 in. base layer of sturdy Auralex Platfoam that is an effective isolation boundary to decouple the subwoofer from the floor underneath. This combination of materials dramatically diminishes structural vibrations and resonances, resulting in reduced coloration, tighter bass and a perceived extension of the subwoofer’s low-frequency response.

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