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Strong 3.281 ft. Wide x 32.81 ft. Long Self Adhesive Hardwood Floor Install System covering 107.64 sq. ft.

Strong 3.281 ft. Wide x 32.81 ft. Long Self Adhesive Hardwood Floor Install System covering 107.64 sq. ft.

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Cross linked, closed cell polyethylene construction offers superior walking comfort, improved thermal characteristics, reduced impact noise with a IIC rating as high as 62 and STC 54 when combined with 3/4 in. hardwood flooring . Incorporates a nylon reinforced adhesive layer on its upper surface that provides a permanent bond to the wood and creates a continuous force that eliminates gapping and open seams . Can be used for all types of wood floors and in all rooms including the basement, also great for condominiums and apartments . Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional use . 50% - 70% faster to install than traditional glue installations . Can be installed over any flat, clean stable existing floor excluding carpets . No heights concerns means no need to cut doors to allow flooring to fit under them and allows for extra head room in tight basements . No need to wait for glue to set means you can walk on the floor immediately after the installation; no open time concerns means you can take your time installing the floor and do it right the first time . No special tools, no compressors, hoses, power cords, no trowels and no cleaners, you only need a knife . No messy glues to clean off hands, tools, walls and especially wood surfaces, no VOC's or odors allows for a safe environment for both homeowner and the installer . Easy on the knees during the installation as has a cushion affect . Easily repairable during and after the installation . Lightweight and easy to handle - under 8 lbs. per roll compared to adhesives that can weigh over 50 lbs. plus per container

The Elastilon system installs three times faster than a traditional glue installation. Simply roll it out, install your favorite floor onto to it and you are ready to walk on it immediately. No subfloor required. No nails, no messy glues. Now you can use the Elastilon Self Adhesive Installation System to install any hardwood floor over any surface including directly over concrete. This revolutionary patented product will now allow you to install your hardwood anywhere, in practically any room. The easy 3-step peel and stick system saves you time and labor, compared with the complex and messy conventional installation of hardwood floors. Elastilon eliminates gapping and cupping, increases cushion comfort, reduces sound transmission and so much more. One roll covers 107.64 sq. ft.

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