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Stealth 2 Quiet HEPA Multi Carpet and Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Stealth 2 Quiet HEPA Multi Carpet and Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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  • $ 26000

Simple to use cleaning settings allow the user to easily adjust the vacuum for dusting or upholstery cleaning or hard floor cleaning or carpet cleaning . LED indicators tell you what cleaning mode the vacuum is on AND when the bag or filter needs changed . Possibly the world’s quietest full powered vacuum with as little as 67 dB of sound is produced . Built from high grade plastic, stainless steel and sealed bearings this vacuum is designed to last many years . Powerful power nozzle with spinning brushroll has a headlight and a view plate to see if anything is wrapped around the brushroll along with a geared belt - that means you will never have to replace worn belts again . Pet Mini Head tool - This is the popular tool with spinning brushroll that works so good for vacuuming upholstery (like cars and couches), stairs, and works awesome at vacuuming up pet hair . Sealed HEPA Filtration - Includes a sealed HEPA filter and 6 sealed HEPA bags with the vacuum that can be ordered anytime and are easily found . 3 year motor warranty with a 2 Year bumper to bumper Factory Warranty

Tired of paying $899 for a high end canister vacuum? Consider the all new, 2016 Prolux Stealth 2. A high end HEPA Sealed vacuum with the same quality but a fraction of the Price. Powerful and Quiet Deep Cleaning HEPA sealed vacuum produces an amazing 107 CFM of airflow with its adjustable 12 Amp motor. With allergen HEPA bags and Sealed HEPA filter this vacuum is designed to keep the dirt, dust and allergens inside the vacuum and your air clean and fresh. Its multipurpose features makes transitioning from hardwood floor, to carpet, to upholstery simple, easy and efficient.

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