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13 Gal. Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel Step-Sensor Trash Can

13 Gal. Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel Step-Sensor Trash Can

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World’s first step sensor trash can . Prevent the spread of germs by limiting your need to open the lid cover by hand . 3-removable, customizable sensor plates allow trash can to be placed in any corner . Equipped with a 3D carbon filter gate (CFG) deodorization system . Attached bag retainer ring keeps trash bags in place and out of sight . Stainless steel with fingerprint proof coating

Introducing the world’s first fingerprint-proof stainless steel trash can controlled by step-sensors. With a light tap of your foot, the lid magically opens wide enough to throw away even larger debris than normal home trash bins usually allow you to. The three sensor plates provide convenience with one located in the front of the can, and one on each side of the can, as opposed to a one sided step pedal on a conventional step on trash can. They are also detachable, allowing you to place the trash can in any corner of your home or office. Not only does this trash can provide ease and convenience, it is also low maintenance. The trash can exterior is topped with a fingerprint-proof coating from the top to the canister; provides easy cleaning surface that repels dust, dirt and fingerprint. Most importantly, by eliminating the need to manually lift open the lid, it will save you energy and prevent the spread of germ contamination.

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