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SofTouch 2-qt. Soft Textured Paint Kit

SofTouch 2-qt. Soft Textured Paint Kit

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  • $ 24000

Incredible scratch resistance – try to scratch it even with a coin . Total matte finish . Highly water repellent or hydrophobic . Wonderful soft feeling and tough as heck . Ease of application, sprayed like any clear coat . Advanced UV inhibitor protection additives . Fantastic for electronics, auto parts, leather, helmets, bicycles, wheels, dashboards, handles, steering wheels, gear shifts or anything you want to have a nice, scratch proof, soft feeling . Online Price includes Paint Care fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, MN, OR, RI, VT

Ever wonder where that wonderful soft coating on your cell phone and other electronics and devices comes from? This is it. Alsa’s Soft Touch coating, is a matte clear coat, that dries with a soft silky/rubbery texture. It is used as a final clear coat over existing colors, to provide a matte version of the color and a wonderful soft tactile feel. The Soft Touch material can also be colored itself, using any of Alsa’s candy concentrates, to create an ultra-deep look. It is ideal for anything that is going to be touched. You have felt it before - now apply it.

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