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31-Piece Air Tool Kit

31-Piece Air Tool Kit

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Finish jobs up to 3X faster . Less expensive airlock tools and accessories quickly offset the expense of an air compressor . 1-power source for so many practical tools . Easier to maintain . Less to carry and store . High Quality Protection Plan:

Do more with the Airlock Three-in-one Air Tool Starter Kit. The first interchangeable air tool is designed to be simple in structure and extremely portable. The tool provides three interchangeable heads that easily lock into place and are ready to tackle your next project in seconds. One tool - Drill, Ratchet and Grinder. Easier to maintain. Oil one tool instead of three. Pull down. Lock in. Release. You’re ready for your next task. 3 Air Tools with 31-Pieces Accessory Kit. Takes up less space in your tool box. As easy to use as an air hose quick connect. 1-piece Airlock Pneumatic Tool Body. 1-Piece 1/2 in. Interchangeable 150 RPM Ratchet Head. 1-Piece 3/8 in. Interchangeable 2200 RPM Drill Head. 1-Piece 1/4 in. Interchangeable 20000 RPM Die Grinder Head. 4-Pieces 1/2 in. Impact Sockets: 9/16 in., 5/8 in., 11/16 in., 3/4 in. 2-Pieces Hand Wrenches. 5-Pieces 1/4 in. (6 mm) Mounted Grinding Stones. 10-Pieces Drill Bits: 1/16 in., 5/64 in., 3/32 in., 7/64 in., 1/8 in., 9/64 in., 5/32 in., 11/64 in., 3/16 in., 1/4 in. 1-Piece 1/4 in. Male Quick Connector. 1-Piece Chuck Key. 4-Pieces Flap Wheels (h:24 mm, w:40, 30, 25, 16 mm). 1-Piece Blow Mold Case. Air Tool Oil.

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