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Dual-Amp 4-Zone Speaker Selectors with Volume Controls

Dual-Amp 4-Zone Speaker Selectors with Volume Controls

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  • $ 28500

Select and Play one to four (or six) speaker pairs at a time in any location . Dual Amp lifier Input . Easy Installation - these sleek units are compact in size to fit into any system. . Easy to use - select the Amp and adjust the volume. Its that simple. . Compatible with 415 ohm speakers . Frequency response: 20Hz20kHz . Built-in overload protection

Speaker Selectors gives you the ability to feed audio in up to six remote locations. The SSW-L-EX series is designed for use with amplifiers up to 100 watts per channel and the SSW-HP series handles up to 150 watts per channel. The plug-in screw terminals accept up to 14 gauge wire. Unique circuitry protects your amplifier, receiver and speakers from excessive power/volume overloads. All models support 2 amplifiers and have individual volume controls for each speaker pair. Plug-in screw terminals make connections secure and easy to install.

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