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Clippable Screen Cleaner Black

Clippable Screen Cleaner Black

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Convenient, credit card sized screen cleaner . Microfiber cleaning surface . Foldable and storable . Hand washable . S-biner clips for easy access . 2 built-in magnets snap together and provide a comfortable grip to hold the perfect shape for quick and convenient use . Folds flat for storage or conveniently clip with the included S-biner plastic #0 . Dimensions: usable area = 0.9 sq. in. : 6.0 sq. cm : closed = 1.6 in. x 2.0 in. x 0.2 in. : 40 mm x 50.8 mm x 5.3 mm : open= 3.3 in. x 2.0 in. x 0.1 in. : 82.6 mm x 50.8 mm x 2.0 mm (without S-biner included) . Weight: 0.2 oz. : 7g (with S-biner attached)

Our soft, sturdy microfiber Screen Skate snaps into an easy-to-grip stingray shape, allowing you to glide it across the screen of your Smartphone, tablet, notebook, or computer in one easy, continuous motion. 2 integrated magnets hold the Screen Skate in the perfect position to provide comfortable grip so you can glide flat on the screen and provide even pressure when you clean. Plus, its square shape means it gets into the corners of your screen easily. Attached to a durable Size #0 plastic S-biner , you can clip the Screen Skate to a key chain or computer bag zipper pull and keep it handy throughout your day. Plus, it's the size of a credit card so it easily flattens for convenient storage and easy access anywhere you go. The Screen Skate contains two magnets that form the grip area. These magnets will not damage your tablet or phone. However, do not place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such objects.

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