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1/2 in. x 50 ft. Sub-Surface Drip Emitter Tubing Coil

1/2 in. x 50 ft. Sub-Surface Drip Emitter Tubing Coil

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  • $ 1997

Copper color outside ensures that the copper shield is inside . For low volume, subsurface applications; ideal for organic gardening - no harsh chemicals needed to protect emitters . Operating pressure 8.5 psi to 60 psi . Flow rates: 0.9 GPH every 18 in. (emitter spacing) . Pressure compensating for end-to-end watering uniformity . 0.63 in. O.D., 0.54 in. I.D. . Standard male and female hose thread ends, with removable end cap

Featuring copper shield technology that naturally protects the emitters from root intrusion without chemicals, this new subsurface tubing is designed for long-lasting, low-maintenance performance in the garden or landscaping. The tubing has 0.9 GPH emitters spaced every 18 in. and is intended for underground installation. Its direct, subsurface watering of the plant root zone produces faster, healthier growth, higher vegetable yields, and colorful, long lasting floral blooms. Because it leaves no excess water on the leaves as is common with overhead watering methods, there is less chance of leaf fungus and plant wilt. The tubing is tough and flexible, conforming to most landscaped area shapes without need for extra fittings. Combine up to five 50 ft. coils to extend your watering coverage up to 250 ft.

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