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Fuzzy Logic 5-Cup Rice Cooker

Fuzzy Logic 5-Cup Rice Cooker

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The front control panel is set at an angle that makes it easy to see in the kitchen . Illustrated menu buttons also make operation easy even for first-time users . A survey indicated that approximately 70% of all users generally do not carry the rice cooker around, so a simple, compact design with no carrying handle was selected . Naturally to enable the rice cooker to be stable and safely carried on occasion, easy-to-grip indentations are provided at the bottom of the unit . Advanced fuzzy logic technology: Adjusts power and cooking time automatically for precise and consistent results every time . High Quality Protection Plan:

A push of a button lets the user select from six menu choices: White Rice, Quick Cook (high-speed rice cooking), Brown Rice, Porridge, Soup and Steam. The integrated micro-computer automatically optimizes the cooking temperature to match the menu selection. For example, brown rice can be easily cooked and steamed foods, which normally require difficult heat control, can be quickly and easily prepared in the included steam basket.

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