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SportRack 13 cu. ft. Capacity Cargo Bag

SportRack 13 cu. ft. Capacity Cargo Bag

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  • $ 3995

Universally-designed to mount on any vehicle with a roof rack . Mounts directly to most OEM and after market crossbar . Uses 4 clip-on tie straps for fast, secure installation . Durable nylon construction for long-life dependabilty

Pack all of your gear on your vehicle’s back with the heavy-duty Roof Top Bag. With 13 cu. ft. of space, you can free-up all of your interior space for passengers, pets and more. In rain, snow or beating sun, the Roof Top Bag keeps packing your gear. Special PVC-coated nylon fabric stops water from getting in, along with special flaps that shield the zippers from moisture. And, the thick nylon is flexible enough to fold flat when not in use. Loading the Sherpa Bag on your vehicle is easy. At each corner, the Sherpa employs a clip-on tie strap that’s designed for mounting to any roof or cargo rack. Don’t jam your vehicle full of bags hire a durable porter to help on your journeys. Your Sherpa Bag is protected for life against defects.

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