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10 in. x 5 in. Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement

10 in. x 5 in. Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement

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  • $ 2494

Ideal for use with color-treated hair . Reduces hardness, sulfur, chlorine and more . Protects against dry skin and split ends . Possible same day shipping if order is made before 4 pm

Built for the Sprite Royale All-In-One shower filter system, the ARC replacement cartridge ensures you continue to get the filtered shower water you deserve. By leveraging Chlorgon and KDF filtration media, this filter will help to significantly reduce the chlorine taste and odor, rust and sulfur that can ruin an otherwise relaxing shower. A must-have replacement if you or anyone in your home color-treats hair. Keep getting that clean and fresh shower water you deserve by ordering the ARC Sprite shower filter cartridge replacement you need from us today. Order by 4 pm CST and we’ll ship same business day.

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