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LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

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SP-33500 gravity feed mini spray gun one-piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 120 cc plastic cup . SP-33000 gravity feed spray gun one-piece lightweight aluminum gun body with 20 oz./ 600 cc plastic cup . Separate and adjustable fluid, fan pattern and air controls for precise application . Stainless steel fluid needle and nozzle - corrosion resistant for longer life . Tip sizes: 0.8, 1.3. 1.7 and 2 mm . Air consumption 2.4 to 3.9 CFM at 30 psi . Working pressure 28-45 psi . Maximum pressure 60 psi . Fan pattern: 4 in. to 10.9 in. . Air inlet: 1/4 NPT hose connector . Excellent for automotive, home, and furniture applications . Good for lacquers, enamels, stains, urethanes and fast dry and low viscosity paints . Very low overspray that optimize material consumption and waste . Limited warranty 1 year . High Quality Protection Plan:

The SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit can be used for variety of different applications such as Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Wood Working. The LVLP features require less air allowing you to use a smaller air compressor. The Low Volume Low Pressure feature allows for more control with less overspray and waste. The Stainless Steel Fluid Needles and Nozzles are corrosion resistant. The separate and adjustable fluid fan pattern and air controls make for more precise fan patterns and less waste. The one-piece Lightweight Aluminum Gun bodies come with Plastic fluid cups makes working with this spray gun very easy. This kit includes, SP-33500 LVLP Mini Gravity Feed Spray Gun, SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun, 0.8,1.3,1.7, 2.0 mm Tips and Air Regulator. The SPRAYIT brand has been manufacturing quality tools since 1928.

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