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2 ft. U-Tube/HIDS Large Recycle Box

2 ft. U-Tube/HIDS Large Recycle Box

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  • $ 8664

Includes a carton designed to hold U-tubes and HIDS for recycling . Mailing the carton is fully prepaid back to the handling site with full coverage for liability . Capacity is 41 each T12, 75 each T8 U-tubes, or 60 400-Watt HIDS . Includes unrated, DOT approved recycling container, 6 mil poly liner, liner tie and instructions

Recycling kit offers a cost-effective, proactive way to discard your used items. RecyclePak is designed to ensure safety and regulatory compliance to make recycling easy for you. Plus, the recycling tub reduces the risk of contamination when storing hazardous materials at your facility.

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