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Metal Water Filter Housing Wrench Number 11

Metal Water Filter Housing Wrench Number 11

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Replaces the WX5X140 GE filter housing wrench . Inside diameter of 3.69 in. . Made longer than a standard filter wrench with a rubberized handle for extra leverage . A directional arrow and the word “loosen” are printed on the handle to prevent breaking the filter housing unit by turning the wrong direction . Fits GE housing : GE FXWPC, GE FXWSC, GE GN1S15CBL, GE GN1S20C, GE GNSV30CWW, GE GNSV25CBL, GE GNSV30CCC, GE GN1S20C, GE GXWH01C, GE GXSV10C, GE GXSV10C, GE GX1S04C . Additional GE housing : GE GX1S01C, GE GXWH04F, GE GXRV10ABL, GE GXWH08C, GE GXSL03C, GE GXWH20F, GE GXUT03A, GE GXUT03B, GE PNRV12ZWH01 and GE PNRV12ZBL01 . Made in the USA

The Superb Wrench filter housing metal wrench is made to replace the plastic wrench that breaks when removing the filter housing unit. The Superb Wrench is made out of 7-gauge steel that will not break, bend or strip the housing unit when stuck. Our patent makes the Superb Wrench virtually indestructible while making filter change easy.

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