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1-1/2 in. #8 Coarse Washer-Head Pocket Screws (1000-Count)

1-1/2 in. #8 Coarse Washer-Head Pocket Screws (1000-Count)

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Maxi-Loc washer head . Great for softer materials like pine, plywood, particle board, MDF and melamine . Larger threads provide maximum holding power . Washer head seats flush in the bottom of the pocket, eliminating pull through . 1-1/2 in. screw

Kreg pocket hole screws feature a self-tapping auger point which eliminates the need to pre-drill your workpieces. Available in both a washer and pan head which sit flushly in the bottom of the pocket hole, these screws are coated in a dri-lube finish which slows oxidation and eases driving torque. Use a fine thread screw in hardwoods and a coarse thread screw in softer materials. A 1 in. length is standard in 1/2 in. thick material, use a 1-1/4 in. screw in 3/4 in. material and a 2-1/2 in. screw in 1-1/2 in. material. A Sun-Seal weather resistant coating is also available for outdoor applications.

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