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Saw-Max Crown Molding Guide

Saw-Max Crown Molding Guide

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Portable and compact solution for cutting standard 52/3 crown molding up to 9/16 in. thick . Four clearly marked cutting areas to help make complicated cuts easy . Clear line of sight showing exactly where the cut will be in the material . Includes: SM844 crown molding guide only . "Click here to connect to the world’s most talented & novice DIYers in one community. Share, Learn, Connect, and Inspire. Craft. Fix. Build. Join Now "

The Crown Molding Guide is the portable, compact solution for cutting standard 52/38 crown molding using your Dremel Saw-Max tool. Make compound miter cuts up to 9/16 in. thick, accurately and easily, using the Saw-Max SM600 flush cut wheel. Today, when cutting crown molding, a user often has to use a compound miter saw, which can be large and expensive. Often DIYers do not own these saws and can feel intimidated by their size. The Crown Molding Guide allows users to make these complicated cuts easily and accurately, without needing a large and expensive tool.

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