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Signal Meter

Signal Meter

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Measures antenna signal reception . Detects both UHF/VHF frequency bands . Includes 9 Volt battery . Limited lifetime warranty . Dim: 3.25 in. L x 2.5 in. W x 1.25 in. D . High Quality Protection Plan:

The ClearStream Signal Meter is an efficient plus inexpensive method to aim antennas plus measure performance plus can identify the presence of transmissions found on the frequencies many TV stations broadcast. Compact, lightweight plus user friendly, the Signal Meter is beneficial inside antenna aiming, specifically rooftop installations where a big, commercial level signal meter will not be useful. Integrated filters minimize the possibility of false positives. Signals above 700 MHz are filtered to reduce detection of cellular plus post 2009 wireless broadband transmissions. Broadcasts under 470 mHz are filtered to reduce detection of recreational radio, public protection, FM radio etc. The Signal Meter involves a 9 Volt power. Note: the SM200 meter will likely not identify particular HDTV broadcasts by channel amount. A commercial level field meter is advised for those abilities.

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