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4-Channel 960H Surveillance System with 500GB HDD and (4) 800 TVL Dome Cameras

4-Channel 960H Surveillance System with 500GB HDD and (4) 800 TVL Dome Cameras

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960H resolution recording captures 30% more detail than D1, and 5X more detail than CIF resolution DVRs . 500GB surveillance grade hard drive included, expandable up to 3TB . High resolution 700 line camera imagers with mechanical IR cut filters that produce accurate daylight colors and improved night vision . Motion detection with a 22 column by 16 row grid of squares displayed over each camera view allows you to pinpoint what you want covered . 4 normally-open or normally-closed alarm input terminals accept triggers from external devices such as PIR motion detectors, alarm panels, door switches, panic buttons, and the new TEMPAL temperature display / alert device . Pre-alarm video storage adds the activity before a motion or alarm trigger to the event video being stored on the hard drive, see what happens before a trigger occurs . Pentaplex capability allows you to view live video, record all channels, play back selected channels, connect via the internet, and back up a file all at the same time . HDMI, VGA and composite video outputs . 4 audio inputs can be connected to optional audio mic kits (sold separately) . Motorized pan/tilt/zoom cameras like the SLC-176 and SLC-177 can be controlled with the DVR’s mouse, or via the DVR’s internet connection . Drag the mouse over a partial area of a stationary camera’s view for a quick digital zoom . Interactive, automated setup wizard built into the DVR . Multiple camera displays, sequential viewing, or single camera viewing options available . Choose your favorite method of control; front panel buttons, mouse, IR remote control, or via a network computer . Schedule recordings to fit your needs by type (constant recording, video motion, alarm input), channel, and by time or day of the week . Accurate time/date kept with an NTP time server when connected to the internet . Includes: 500GB hard drive, IR remote, mouse, (4) 50 ft. camera video/power cables, regulated power supplies, camera mounting hardware, BNC and LAN patch cables, printed manual, CD with client viewers for Windows and Mac, CMS software, mobile applications and PDF owner's manual . High Quality Protection Plan:

960H Resolution recording is a must when using today's advanced 700+ line cameras and HD display monitors. 30% more detail is captured in each video image when compared to standard D1 resolution DVRs. VGA and HDMI ports on the DVR maximize the output to a high definition monitor. A composite video output is also included. Advanced H.264 video codec technology stores four times more video on the hard drive than previous models. Dual stream video processing optimizes the DVR's internet transmission speed. Smartphone monitoring, e-mail and text messaging with images provide maximum access and connectivity. The included Central Monitoring Station (CMS) Software gives you the ability to monitor up to 64 cameras on one PC screen, with video streaming from multiple Security Labs 960H DVRs. Turret dome cameras offer the stylish look and tamper proof features of a metallic dome camera, plus the night vision and weatherproof capabilities of a bullet camera. The 3-axis ball design allows you position the camera on target. The 24 Infrared emitting LEDs allow night vision for reflective objects and average of 65 feet away. The cast aluminum case protects the camera and cable from tampering. Cameras can be used outdoors when mounted under a protective covering from direct rain such as an awning or eave. Accurate daylight color reproduction and enhanced night vision are made possible by the mechanical IR Cut filter. 700 line imagers generate an extremely clear and detailed image.

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