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Vari-Focal 2.8 to 12 mm Lens Metal Dome Camera with 800 Line 960H Imager, IR Cut Filter, 36 IR LED and Installation Kit

Vari-Focal 2.8 to 12 mm Lens Metal Dome Camera with 800 Line 960H Imager, IR Cut Filter, 36 IR LED and Installation Kit

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Vari-focal lens: 2.8 mm wide view to 12 mm close view, note: the distance from camera to the object(s) being viewed will determine the close up view size . 800TVL/960H imager with Bayer digital processing core . Mechanical IR cut filter to improve daylight color reproduction and night vision capability . 36 IR LEDs for operation in total darkness up to 90 ft. . Auto electronic shutter, white balance and gain control . Cast aluminum tamper proof case . Camera cable contains a true 75 Ohm video conductor surrounded by a heavy copper braided shield and terminated with gold plated BNC pins that provide maximum protection from R.F. (radio frequency), digital processing, and radiated power interference . Easily connects to any DVR or monitor with a standard BNC input . IP66 water resistance rating (must be mounted in a direct rain protected area) . 12 VDC operation . Perfect for retail counter, access ID, office and home entry applications . Includes: 50 ft. heavy gauge BNC video/power cable, regulated power supply and mounting hardware . High Quality Protection Plan:

This professional grade camera gives you the ability to manually adjust the camera’s field of view and focus to fit your needs; 2.8 mm wide angle view to 12 mm close shot. (Example: At a 12 ft. distance from the camera, you can adjust the field of view from 20 ft. x 15 ft. to 5 ft. x 3.5 ft. The camera’s high resolution 800 line 960H imager incorporates a true mechanical IR Cut filter. The photocell controlled filter is automatically placed in front of the image sensor during daylight hours to filter out unwanted infrared light from the sun that affects the color hue of the image. During night time operation, the filter is moved away from the image sensor to allow better viewing of objects being illuminated by the 36 high output IR LEDs. The imager and LEDs are optically isolated in their own compartments; holding IR reflection and halo effect to a minimum. Typical IR range produces facial recognition at 30 ft. and general surveillance in excess of 90 ft. for reflective surfaces. The stylish cast aluminum case is tamper proof and looks great indoors. The camera’s case is also weatherproof for use outdoors, but must be mounted under an awning or eave away from direct rain contact. Locating a power source near the camera is not necessary as all power and video connections are done at the location of the DVR or monitor being used. The camera comes packaged with everything you need to complete its installation.

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