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Wired Indoor Water Detector Alarm

Wired Indoor Water Detector Alarm

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Water damage is the most frequent and expensive insurance claim . Install in areas where home floods or overflows are possible . Install several, in all vulnerable spots . Near washing machines, sump pumps, dishwashers, showers, bath, toilets and sinks . Use to detect leaks before costly water damage is caused . Detects water immediately to offer an efficient early warning . Very loud 105 dB alarm or music to advise of a leak or overflow . Alarm will sound until the sensor is dry or until battery discharges . Requires a 9-Volt alkaline battery (not included)

Water damage is North America’s most frequent insurance claim and water damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Insert a 9-Volt battery (not included) and while someone is in the home, you will be immediately notified that water is somewhere that it is not supposed to be. Place the sensor on the floor or in a sump pump pit and as soon as any water makes contact with the metal sensor, the alarm will sound, or music will play letting you know. The alarm or music will continue to sound until the sensor is dried or the battery discharges. We recommend that you test the battery monthly and change it twice a year, as you would in a smoke detector. This simple to install water detector can help provide you with a little more peace of mind. The water detector can also be used around the bathroom bathtub and sink where people sometime leave water running and leave the room. Stick the suction cup on the tub and set to music and be warned if the level of the water gets too high. There are many places in the home that can benefit from this simple sensor. Leaks occur where you may not be able to see, but the sensor can easily detect and warn you. For example a slow drip behind a dishwasher or under a hidden sink drain pipe. For a wireless notification by telephone, check out Ideal’s SK642 or SK662. IDEAL Security has been supplying quality products since 1956. Please contact us for any installation problems at

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