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Wireless Water Alarm System with Auto-Dialer

Wireless Water Alarm System with Auto-Dialer

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Receives signals from wireless sensors - activates telephone auto-dialer and alarm . Room monitor by telephone function . Programmable voice message for telephone alert . Entry delay timing, set time for how long after trigger event before the auto-dialer will dial out and siren will sound . Up to five emergency telephone numbers can be programmed . Programmable auto dialing cycle, number of times the auto-dialer will dial each programmed phone number, up to 5 cycles . Home mode function, auto dialer will chime when sensors are triggered but not dial out . High Quality Protection Plan:

Our unique wireless water alarm system with auto-dialer will provide you with early warning which may reduce the risk of water damage. Choose a location where water leaks or infiltration may occur to install the wireless water sensor. When the auto-dialer is connected to a telephone land line and an electrical outlet and set to ARM mode it will alert you if water is detected. The auto-dialer will activate the built-in siren or chime (if set) and dial out (if set) to up to 5 pre-programmed telephone numbers with your own pre-recorded message. You can choose to remotely listen in and broadcast to the protected perimeter. Once you know the situation, you can take appropriate actions. There are no monthly fees to pay.

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