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Wired Swimming Pool Alarm with BY-PASS

Wired Swimming Pool Alarm with BY-PASS

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Loud alert when gate or door opens . 105dB alarm sounds until pass code is entered . Dual contact sensors for both patio and the screen door allows for optional set up . Dual by-pass button allows for temporary access without disarming the alarm . Can be used on sliding or swinging doors, fences and gates . Weather resistant housing . Quick and easy to install and includes batteries and installation accessories . Alarm can be turned off, please check local regulations . High Quality Protection Plan:

Be warned when a door or gate has been opened. A backyard swimming pool area should be a source of pleasure and great memories and a safe environment for all to enjoy. There is no substitute for proper vigilance around swimming pools, backyard fountains and garden ponds. A safe swimming pool, whether above or in-ground requires proper fences of correct height with self-closing doors secured with automatic latching mechanisms. In some locals a secondary fence within 4ft.of the pool is required. Check with your municipality. While no alarm can replace proper security, the SK644 can help warn of unauthorized access to the pool or other dangerous areas. The SK644 is a dual magnetic contact alarm that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 1 side of the contact is installed on the frame of the door or gate and the other contact is mounted on the door. As the door or gate is opened, and the distance between the contacts exceeds 0.5 in. the loud alarm will sound for 10 seconds, stop for 10 seconds and then repeat even if the door is reclosed. A PASS CODE is required to either avoid the alarm sounding or to stop the alarm. A built in BY-PASS is used to temporarily open the door or gate without sounding the alarm. The alarm will automatically re-arm itself in 15 seconds. The PASS CODE can be customized. The unit is weather resistant. The alarm is a loud 105dB and features a low battery indicator. The set includes an exterior by-pass button and screen door contact.

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