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Wireless Water & Flood Detector with Telephone Dialer

Wireless Water & Flood Detector with Telephone Dialer

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Wireless sensor detects water, sounds alarm and sends signal to the dialer, which can store and call five phone numbers up to five times . Receivers of alarm calls will hear beep sounds (four styles) indicating a problem; call display on receiver's phone is recommended to determine from where call is originating . 22 IDEAL sensors, sirens and eight remote controls can be linked to the dialer . Dialer can store sensors in up to four zones and beeps will identify zones . Backup battery provides limited service during a power failure, which may provide early notice to help prevent serious damage to your home . Maximum range from sensor to telephone dialer is 40 meters (130 ft.); sensor wire is 6 ft. (2 meters) . Batteries and connections included (operates on 9-volt battery)

The IDEAL Security Wireless Water & Flood Detector system eliminates the need for costly and recurring monthly monitoring fees. With this detector, the system calls you. A water detector connected to a telephone system may be able to provide advance notice of a problem and may help reduce the damage that water can do. The sensor detects water and sends a wireless signal to the telephone dialer for quick notification, while the dialer stores and calls up to five different telephone numbers to alert (land line and electricity are required for the dialer). The receiver of the alarm call will hear a series of beeps indicating which zone has had an alarm. Both local and long-distance calls can be made to land phones, mobile phones or pagers, and up to 22 additional wireless devices and eight remote controls can be added to the system for further security. Other sensors include motion, temperature and door and window contacts.

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