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7-Piece Wireless Home Security Alarm System with Telephone Notification Dialer

7-Piece Wireless Home Security Alarm System with Telephone Notification Dialer

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Ideal for home, office, small business or cottage, up to 16 accessories can be connected, the system calls you . Record your own voice message, arm or disarm the system by telephone . Remote control with PANIC button for instant activation, listen in, with remote room monitoring and broadcast capability . Automatically call up to 5 different telephone numbers up to 5 times, expandable - link up to 16 sensors with 10 on screen zones . Programmable - pass code, exit delay, entry delay and call cycle timing . 5 event recorder with zone indication, 2 line interactive LCD display and built in flash memory . High Quality Protection Plan:

Wireless, Self Monitoring Home Security System with Telephone Dialer. The SYSTEM that calls you. No monitoring fees. Our Wireless Alarm System allows you to create your own security system. When the AUTO DIALER is connected to a telephone land line, an electrical outlet and set to ARM mode it will alert you when any of the sensors have been triggered. The auto-dialer will activate the siren or chime and dial out to up to 5 pre-programmed telephone numbers with your own pre-recorded message. You can choose to remotely listen in & broadcast to the protected areas. Includes 2 wireless door and window contacts, 1 motion sensor, 2 remote controls, 1 wireless siren and a telephone dialer. All items are pre-connected to the dialer. Set includes all telephone connections, batteries, AC adapter and instructions. Land phone connection for dialer is required. System can call cell or land phones. Customize a system suited to your needs by adding a wide range of Ideal wireless accessories.

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