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Wired Pressure Mat Alarm with Chime

Wired Pressure Mat Alarm with Chime

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For convenience the alarm unit has an alarm/off/chime switch . Automatically announce visitors with a chime . Scare off possible intruders with a loud built-in 105dB alarm . Easy installation . Battery operated (9V included) . 10 m (approximately 30 ft.) wire from mat to alarm unit . Chime volume is 90dB and the alarm is 105dB . Operating temperature: 10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F) . High Quality Protection Plan:

Place the pressure mat sensor (21.75 in X 13.75 in ) underneath a larger size floor mat in front of an entrance, at the top or bottom of stairs, in front of a cabinet or room, next to a bed or anywhere that you may need to be notified if someone is moving, leaving or has arrived. When someone steps on the pressure mat, the alarm unit will sound (1 time) for approximately 30 seconds in ALARM mode or chime 2 times (Ding Dong) in CHIME mode. The set includes one mat, one receiver/speaker, 30ft.of wire (10 meters) and one 9volt battery. There is no volume control. Turn unit off to silence if you are expecting a lot of traffic and do not want alarm to continually sound. The receiver must be attached to the mat; it is not a wireless connection. Receiver can be mounted onto a wall, screws included. Based on 20 triggers per day, a new battery will last approximately 5 months. No AC adapter is available. The wire can be extended to a maximum of 65ft.(20 meters). The wire in Ideal’s SK619 is appropriate for this extension (do not use the contacts in the SK619). Avoid prolonged use under very heavy objects. This is step on – step off mat for up to 350 lbs. (160 kg). No for automotive use.

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