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Temperature Sensor with Alarm

Temperature Sensor with Alarm

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Extreme temperatures pose a danger to people, pets and property . Ideal's temperature sensor or alarm may help prevent serious injury or property damage . Severe temperature warning system for remote cottages, chalets, second homes, garages, barns warehouses and heated sheds . Unit can be linked to ideal's auto dialer to receive notification of extreme temperature change . Wireless range approximately 44 yards . Battery included . High Quality Protection Plan:

Temperature alarm Wireless high and low temperature sensor and alarm Detects and warns of severe temperature changes. Sensor activates built in 45 second alarm and a wireless signal is sent to Ideal's telephone dialer. Links with Ideal's SK618 Telephone dialer Set low temperature at 5º C or 13º C (55.4º.F or 41ºF) depending on your concern (freezing pipes or home comfort). Built in high temperature warning at 35º C (95ºF).Various applications: protect garages and cottages, provide comfort and security care for the elderly or infirm, and pets. High temperatures pose danger for the elderly living alone as well as to property. Links to Ideal's SK618, SK633 and SK642 Auto Dialers, SK623, SK632 Alerts and SK626 Siren

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