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Portable 4-Zone Motion Sensor Alarm

Portable 4-Zone Motion Sensor Alarm

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  • $ 5925

Motion sensor detects motion and activates built in 105 dB alarm or chime . Detects motion in a 100 degree arc with a range of 23 ft. . Remote control with panic button included . Expandable 4 zone wireless receiver, add up to 8 wireless devices . Wired expandability with input terminals including wired siren . Battery low indicator, 3 AAA batteries included . Wall mountable or portable . High Quality Protection Plan:

This all in one motion sensor with a built in alarm or chime can be installed permanently or is portable. The SK617 can be expanded with other Ideal sensors to create a simple but effective 4 zone security system. Ideal for apartments, offices or homes that do not want any telephone notification. The quick and easy set-up and usage makes this a very convenient and functional alarm system. The SK617 is a motion sensor alarm, with a remote control that includes a panic button. The unit is expandable. A total of 8 Ideal wireless devices can be linked to the motion sensor. The zone indicators provide easy notification of where the sensor has been triggered. The alarm or chime will sound once a sensor is triggered. The system can be armed and disarmed by the remote control. The alarm is 105 dB. The package includes 3 AAA batteries, AC adapter, a remote control and the motion sensor with built in siren. Both wired and wireless sensors, remotes and a wired siren can be connected.

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