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Residential Wireless "RF" Motion Sensor

Residential Wireless "RF" Motion Sensor

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Motion detector must be linked to an Ideal Security receiver . Will detect movement and send signal to receiver . Different receivers include the auto dialer, siren, and alert . This motion detector is not compatible with ideal's SK601 or SK602 . The motion detector will detect pets, to minimize false alarms aim the detector 5-6 feet above the floor, then test detection before installation . Batteries and installation brackets included . Check out the SK698 and SK632 for expanded sets using the SK615 . High Quality Protection Plan:

Residential wireless "RF" motion detector. Add security or convenience to your home, business, cottage or life in general with Ideal’s motion sensor. When linked or connected to one of Ideal Security’s receivers or alerts, this sensor will let someone know that motion or movement has been detected and then you can take any necessary action. This motion sensor must be linked to one of Ideal Security’s receivers which include: Telephone dialers (SK618, SK633,SK642, SK698), a siren (SK626) , or an alert (SK623,SK632). More than one motion sensor can be connected to those receivers. Read the details on the specific receiver for more information. The SK615 does not make a sound; it detects motion and sends a signal. It is battery operated and the battery is included. Batteries should be replaced at least once per year to reduce risk of false alerts. The range from the sensor to a receiver is approximately 250 ft. (80 meters) without obstruction. Always test the range before installing permanently. The viewing distance of the sensor lens is 26ft.and the angle 110 degrees. It is easy and quick to set up and install and includes a bracket and screws. The SK615 is NOT compatible and cannot be used with Ideal’s SK602 set. If you would like a set similar to the SK602 with more than one motion sensor, then consider the SK698 or the SK632 with up to 6 SK615. Ideal Security has a full program of security, protection and safety products to help provide peace of mind.

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