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Portable Interior/Exterior Solar Thermal Air Heater

Portable Interior/Exterior Solar Thermal Air Heater

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  • $ 39900

Free heat is provided by the sun . Zero carbon footprint, a green product that does not consume fossil fuels, only the sun’s energy . Solar powered 50,000 hour fan provides air circulation and reduces mildew . Solar heater is a compact 24 in. wide, only 36 in. tall and a slender 4.5 in. deep . Adjustable fan speed control knob . Made with safety in mind with fire proof polycarbonate . Also the perfect heating source for partially occupied spaces: cottage, workshop, garage, animal shelter, green house, boat, RV etc. . A 40 CFM solar powered fan provides air circulation to distribute the heat and reduce humidity . High Quality Protection Plan:

Harness the power of the sun. Designed for interior/exterior applications with choice of 2 exterior mounting options, this solar heater can be mounted to an exterior wall or set on a solar stand (stand included). External application requires 3 in. duct hose (not included), to be attached to 3 in. duct ports, penetrating exterior wall and run into room allowing warmed air into the space. Under good winter sun conditions, up to 25°F (14°C) may be added to the ambient temperature in the room with a maximum air flow from the solar fan of 40 CFM. Quiet solar powered waterproof recirculating fan distributes heated air and has adjustable speed control knob.

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