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Air Silencer Noise Compression and Filtration System for 3 Cylinder Compressors

Air Silencer Noise Compression and Filtration System for 3 Cylinder Compressors

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  • $ 22900

Premium 5 layer filtration system prevents foreign matter from entering intake and extends pump life . Solid steel durable housing construction . Universal design - compatible with all stationary compressors up to 10 HP . Compatible with 3-cylinder compressors . Includes all air lines and fittings . Includes all air lines and fittings

EMAX is the brand tradesman and industrial users look for to achieve professional results. EMAX Tools and Equipment deliver overwhelming performance to ensure that they meet the needs of the most demanding environments. The EMAX line of Air Tools requires less maintenance, service and downtime than any other in the Air Industry. This air compressor silencer is compatible with 3-cylinder compressors ranging from 5-10 HP and is designed to suppress the loud noise.The Airbase Industries Whisper 100 is an affordable solution to your piston compressor noise problem. The Whisper 100 dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the intake air through a series of baffle plates and pre-filter media within the silencer cabinet. As a result, the piston intake noise is trapped and dissipated within the silencer structure. The compressor intake filters are also located inside the Whisper 100 cabinet which further enhances noise reduction. The Whisper 100 noise suppression system is compact in design and is located next to the compressor. Installation is quick and simple by plumbing intake air transfer hoses from the compressor head/heads to the silencer.

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