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72 in. x 80 in. White Right Hand Vinyl Patio Door with Low-E Argon Glass and Small Pet Door

72 in. x 80 in. White Right Hand Vinyl Patio Door with Low-E Argon Glass and Small Pet Door

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  • $ 98591

Consult your local building code official for applicable codes and regulations . Not all products are suitable for locations that experience severe weather . Click here to view pet size and measuring guide . Energy saving glass options available to help reduce energy costs and keep your home comfortable year round . With a 15 in. tall by 9.25 in. wide opening, JELD-WEN's medium pet patio door is ideal for small to medium sized pets . Integrated pet patio door design ensures proper fit and finish . Maintains full access as a standard 5 ft. patio door . Factory-installed, built-in, locking pet entrance allows for increased security, convenience and performance . 120 mil thick plastic flap with magnetic closure helps keep wind and water at bay . Available in additional colors at your local high quality. See millwork associate for details

With JELD-WEN's Vinyl Sliding Patio Door with Factory Installed Pet Door you and your pet can have the freedom you both deserve. Jeld--Wen Vinyl Patio Doors are made to be durable, energy efficient and attractive for many years to come. Using the same patented technology as our vinyl windows, JELD-WEN's fully integrated patio pet door ensures a remarkable fit and finish that is weather tight, energy efficient and vastly more secure than other patio door pet products on the market today. Simply unlock and open the pet door section of the unit, and a 120 mil clear flap is revealed. This flap is easily disengaged by your dog or cat as they walk through the opening. The flap then magnetically closes behind your pet keeping air and water at bay. To securely lock the pet door, simply slide the sash down until you hear the audible click of the Wen-Lock - JED-WEN's automatic locking system. The visual latch indicator on the Wen-Lock confirms a secure closure.

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