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12/24/48-Volt 60-Amp Sunshield PRO Solar Charge Controller

12/24/48-Volt 60-Amp Sunshield PRO Solar Charge Controller

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  • $ 22999

12/24/48-Volt 60-Amp solar charge controller . Advanced microprocessor controlled . Compact and feature-rich . 1 year full warranty (parts and labor) . High Quality Protection Plan:

Nearly decade of advanced research, design, and engineering have delivered the most advanced solar charge controller in the world. The Ramsond Sunshield Pro charge controller is microprocessor controlled, compact, durable and feature-packed. Using an advanced microprocessor system, the Ramsond SunShield Pro constantly monitors and regulates the-Voltage and current from the solar panels to the battery. This ensures that the battery is maintained at its optimal charge and prevents it from over-charging and over-discharging. It also prevents the back-feed of electricity into the solar panel from the battery during hours of darkness. The Ramsond Sun Shield Pro is capable of handling virtually any solar panel on the market, handling 12, 24, or 48-Volt and up to 60-Amp - perfectly suited for most solar panels of any type. features +maximum input-Voltage: 48V (handles 12/24/48V) +maximum input current: 60-Amp +backlit LED display +battery over-charge protection and monitoring +battery over-discharge protection and monitoring +solar panel back-feed protection +intelligent microprocessor controller +1 Year full warranty (parts and labor).

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