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SHC 4 Gal. Electric Point-of-Use Mini-Tank Water Heater

SHC 4 Gal. Electric Point-of-Use Mini-Tank Water Heater

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SHC 4.0 mini-tank water heater provides 4 Gal. of hot water for hand washing or kitchen applications . SHC 4.0 is made in Germany . Installation right under or near the sink, as close to the draw off point as possible, will make the wait for hot water as short as possible and maximize energy savings . May be used in-line as a booster to provide hot water quickly at a fixture located a distance from a central storage tank . SHC 4.0 runs on 120-Volt and connects to a standard receptacle with the supplied 3-prong plug . SHC 4.0 heating element is 1300-Watt and draws 11.3-Amp . SHC 4.0 mounts directly to a wall with its included bracket . Tank is glass-lined for long life . Dial on top of unit easily adjusts water temperature up to 140°F . As hot water scalding potential exists if the thermostat is set too high, households with small children, disabled or elderly persons may require that the thermostat be set at 120°F or lower . Recovery time is 30 minutes . SHC mini-tank water heaters are ETL listed for compliance with CSA and UL safety standards in the US and Canada . SHC mini-tank water heaters are certified lead free by WQA . Installation should not occur in an area exposed to freezing temperatures of 36°F or lower . Water connections are black steel 1/2 in. NPT and included T and P valve must be installed . If water pipes are of copper or bronze, use dielectric connections to prevent heater corrosion, premature tank or nipple failure and voiding warranty . See warranty for details on 6 year tank warranty and 2 year warranty on all other components

SHC Mini-Tank Water Heaters excel at supplying hot water at a sink for hand washing or for kitchen applications. An SHC saves water and electricity by putting hot water right where it is needed rather than having a long pipe run from a central hot water tank. The small tank and good insulation reduces the stand-by losses compared with larger tank water heaters and the wait for hot water at the tap is reduced to a minimum. An SHC can also be installed in-line with a central tank to allow immediate hot water draws without waiting for a long pipe run to purge itself of cold water. It may also be used to buffer temperatures in a DHW recirculation loop. Lightweight and compact, an SHC mounts right under or near a sink with its included bracket. Once it is filled with water, it is easy to simply plug it into a 120-Volt outlet as no special wiring is required. T and P valve is supplied and should be installed. Stiebel Eltron has been a world leader in advanced water heating technology for 90 years. Our engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing results in products fulfilling the highest expectations of performance and reliability and our SHC Mini-Tank is no exception.

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